About Sachiko

Sachiko Gehrmann BA Education,  
                               Graduate Diploma of Counselling, 
                               Master of Counselling.

I was born in a family that has 4 generational migrant experiences. I’ve studied Linguistics, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Child Psychology, Psychology of Adolescence,  and Psychology of Handicapped Children at Tokyo’s  Aoyamagakuin University in Japan. I was qualified as a High School teacher in Japan. I obtained Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Master of Counselling at Morling College in Australia.

My work experience includes having worked for an international corporate as a Personal Assistant to  a president and a vice president, as well as having run my own businessees.

Being a migrant and having an inter-cultural and inter-racial family and having brought up multilingual children who are working for international cooperates, I have gained deep knowledge and insight of issues related to inter-cultural relationships. This was deepened further by studying abroad as a foreign student, as well as teaching languages and social studies in Australia and Japan for over 2O years. (I have taught over 300 students of all ages/nationalities from age 5 to adults, as well as students with disabilities).

I have compassion, deep understanding and first-hand experience of issues related to the care for an ailing aged family member.

My broad range of experience and knowledge had enabled me to provide educational counselling for over 2 decades.  Since 2012, having completed Certificate of Counselling course, I have been active as a Pastoral Counsellor in solving issues in the community.